Global Leaders

BBR is recognized as the leading group of specialized engineering contractors in the field of post-tensioning, stay cable, geotechnical and related construction engineering technologies with presence in over 50 countries.

Backed by more than 75 years of experience, BBR technologies are designed and proven by extensive R&D and testing to always be one step ahead of the competition offering significant technical advantages, very high quality management systems and superior supply chain and logistics services.  BBR is focused on constructing the future – with professionalism, innovation and the very latest technology.


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ENVI Awards by Engineering New Zealand

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State-of-the-art stay cable systems

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Weltweite BBR Präsenz

Mit Repräsentanzen in über 50 Ländern liefert das BBR Network internationales Knowhow direkt vor Ort. Finden Sie Ihren nächsten BBR Network-Vertreter und lassen Sie sich beraten.

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