Ready to rock

World’s largest ground anchors just got even bigger!

BBR Network Member for Australia SRG Global – holder of world records for permanent anchor capacity and length - is now ready install anchors of up to 127 strands with ultimate capacity exceeding 35,433kN! Over the past 20+ years the SRG Global team has established a reputation as industry leader in the development and execution of ultra-high capacity BBR ground anchors. Their extensive portfolio of 91-strand anchoring projects commenced with Canning Dam (1999) where they were the first to develop and site install BBR 91-strand anchoring technology and then followed by Catagunya Dam (2009), Wellington Dam (2010) and more recently Hazelmere Dam, Durban, South Africa (2017) and Keepit Dam Tamworth, Australia (2018)  – with several upcoming 91-strand projects in development. To date, every BBR 91-strand anchor installed worldwide has been undertaken by SRG Global!!