BBR Square Damper stay cable damping system

Due to its simple design, high efficiency, easy adjustability and low maintenance requirements, the BBR® Square Damper is simply the most superior damping device available on the international market. The BBR Square Damper incorporates a new generation of materials, together with a ventilation/insulation system to enhance the durability of the components and to extend maintenance intervals.

BBR Square Damper
BBR Square Damper with mechanical stop

Key features

  • Damper not activated at low/non-critical vibration amplitudes
  • Free longitudinal and rotational movement, important for long cables where temperature changes and deflections are critical
  • Easy inspection and extremely low maintenance
  • Easy adjustability at any time to match working amplitudes
  • Efficiency independent of acceleration/mode of vibration
  • New generation of friction materials used ensuring high endurance and constant performance
  • Extra long cable testing demonstrated that the Maximum Passive Supplemental Damping for 1st to 4th mode vibrations was always achieved, even in tests on shallow cables with equivalent lengths up to 500m
  • Available to fit on any size of the BBR HiAm CONA stay cable range



The BBR Stay Cable Range

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