BBR Viscous Damper stay cable damping system

The BBR® Viscous Damper, specially developed to counteract vibrations on stay cables, works based on the resistance induced by the rapid passage of a viscous fluid through a narrow opening. The resistance can dissipate a large amount of energy leading to the damping of the cable. This principle of energy dissipation allows for an independent and real-time reaction of the damping device to the induced vibrations.

Internal damper configuration
External damper configuration

Key features

  • Available in either an internal or external damper configuration
  • Free longitudinal and rotational movement, important for long cables where temperature changes and deflections are critical
  • Double acting viscous damper pistons
  • Standard damping force up to 50kN and 70 kN for internal and external damper configurations respectively. Larger sizes upon request
  • Easy inspection and low maintenance requirements
  • Superior surface corrosion protection coating protecting against the harshest environments
  • Adaptable to fit on any size of the BBR HiAm CONA stay cable range

BBR Dampers

BBR Dampers

The BBR Stay Cable Damper Range

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