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The BBR geotechnical range includes both strand ground anchors and bar systems to suit all major ground engineering applications. BBR geotechnical technologies are the result of a blend of the finest construction engineering and feedback from our international customers. Versatile and easy to use, BBR geotechnical technologies benefit from Swiss design and highest quality production standards - ultimately offering outstanding performance in the widest variety of ground conditions.

Wellington Dam (Australia) by BBR Network Member SRG Global

BBR geotechnical systems

Our strand ground anchor and bar systems are not only robust and flexible, but they have also been independently tested and certified. They are subject to stringent European Factory Production Control and full traceability is achieved through our unique BBR E-Trace trading platform. BBR Network Members around the globe are fully trained to offer professional advice on the most suitable system for the specific application and, of course, its installation.

CONA CMG ground

ground anchor system

(temporary or permanent)


self-drilling bar system for applications as anchor, nail or micropile

BBR PT Specialist Companies

BBR PT Specialist Companies

Our systems are installed exclusively by certified PT Specialist Companies.

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