BBR WT Bar system

The BBR WT Bar system can be used for wind towers, but also for any hold down applications where high fatigue performance and permanent multi-layer corrosion protection is required. The system consists BBR C Bar, as load bearing element, steel anchor nuts, system bearing plates and various layers of corrosion protection. Using the BBR Network’s long experience of working with load bearing construction systems — and indeed of providing post-tensioning for wind towers — the BBR WT Bar system has been specifically designed as a hold-down solution for wind tower foundations.

Key features

  • High tensile alloy steel with increased resistance to corrosion
  • Cold-rolled and heat treatment process for fine structure crystallization and high load bearing capacity
  • Customized bearing plates which, for wind tower applications, are manufactured as upper and lower flanges
  • Customized thread rolling and section lengths according to project requirements.
  • Multi-layer corrosion protection according to European requirements
  • Tested and proven high fatigue performance to over 10 million load cycles at 80MPa stress range
  • CE marked

BBR WT Bar System

BBR WT Bar System

Hold-down solution for wind towers

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