International expertise & backing of shareholders

BBR VT International Ltd has the backing of two shareholders from major international organizations – Tectus Group and KB Group – all with a diverse range of business interests, both within the construction sector and also in other fields.

Their considerable reach geographically and financially gives additional strength and perspective to the BBR Network and its operations. Shareholder organizations also have an active interest as they have BBR Network Members among their subsidiaries. The shareholders of BBR VT International Ltd provide valuable support, not only in shaping BBR strategy, but also in areas such as product innovation or improvement and supply chain management. This arrangement helps the wider BBR family around the globe to perform better in their own local marketplaces.

The Global BBR Network of Experts

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BBR VT International


Technical Headquarters and Business Development Centre of the BBR Network

Tectus Group Switzerland

Established in 1944 and based in Switzerland, the Tectus Group and associated companies is a family owned multi-national conglomerate holding diverse investments and operating in seven key areas:

  • Engineering & construction
  • Inspection technologies
  • Real estate
  • Digital health
  • Entertainment & lifestyle
  • Advisory & investments
  • Legacy

Investments in BBR Franchisees BBR Holdings Singapore and Stahlton

KB Group Norway

Established in 1965 under the name Kongsvinger Betongindustri, today KB Group is the largest family-owned building and construction company in Norway. The Group's activities include:

  • Property development
  • Construction
  • Steel & concrete elements
  • Specialist & heavy engineering
  • Ready mixed concrete
  • Quarrying

BBR VT International’s two shareholders

Tectus Group (Switzerland)
A Zurich-based family-owned multi-national conglomerate which actively invests in innovation both within established businesses and in supporting new companies and initiatives.


KB Group (Norway)
The KB Group - purely a holding and property company - is the largest family-owned building and construction company in Norway.